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CQ Zone - WAZ List
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This page contains a list of CQ Zones.

Zone 1. Northwestern Zone of North America: KL (Alaska), VY1/VE8 Yukon, the Northwest and Nunavut Territories west of 102 degrees (Includes the islands of Victoria, Banks, Melville, and Prince Patrick).

Zone 2. Northeastern Zone of North America: VO2 Labrador, the portion of VE2 Quebec north of the 50th parallel, the VE8 Northwest and Nunavut Territories east of 102 degrees (Includes the islands of King Christian, King William, Prince of Wales, Somerset, Bathurst, Devon, Ellesmere, Baffin and the Melville and Boothia Peninsulas, excluding Akimiski Island).

Zone 3. Western Zone of North America: VE7, W6, and the W7 states of Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

Zone 4. Central Zone of North America: VE3, VE4, VE5, VE6, VE8 Akimiski Island, and W7 states of Montana and Wyoming. W0, W9, W8 (except West Virginia), W5, and the W4 states of Alabama, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

Zone 5. Eastern Zone of North America: 4U1UN, CY9, CY0, FP, VE1, VE9, VY2, VO1 and the portion of VE2 Quebec south of the 50th parallel. VP9, W1, W2, W3 and the W4 states of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and the W8 state of West Virginia.

Zone 6. Southern Zone of North America: XE/XF, XF4 (Revilla Gigedo).

Zone 7. Central American Zone: FO (Clipperton), HK0 (San Andres and Providencia), HP, HR, TG, TI, TI9, V3, YN and YS.

Zone 8. West Indies Zone: C6, CO, FG, FJ, FM, FS, HH, HI, J3, J6, J7, J8, KG4 (Guantanamo), KP1, KP2, KP4, KP5, PJ (Saba, St. Maarten, St. Eustatius), V2, V4, VP2, VP5, YV0 (Aves Is.), ZF, 6Y, and 8P.

Zone 9. Northern Zone of South America: FY, HK, HK0 (Malpelo), P4, PJ (Bonaire, Curacao), PZ, YV, 8R, and 9Y.

Zone 10. Western Zone of South America: CP, HC, HC8, and OA.

Zone 11. Central Zone of South America: PY, PY0, and ZP.

Zone 12. Southwest Zone of South America: 3Y (Peter I), CE, CE0 (Easter Is., Juan Fernandez Is., San Felix Is.), and some Antarctic stations. (See Notes Below)

Zone 13. Southeast Zone of South America: CX, LU, VP8 Islands, and some Antarctic stations. (See Notes Below)

Zone 14. Western Zone of Europe: C3, CT, CU, DL, EA, EA6, El, F, G, GD, GI, GJ, GM. GU, GW, HB, HB0, LA, LX, ON, OY, OZ, PA, SM, ZB, 3A and 4U1ITU.

Zone 15. Central European Zone: ES, HA, HV, I, IS0, LY, OE, OH, OH0, OJ0, OK, OM, S5, SP, T7, T9, TK, UA2, YL, YU, ZA, 1A0, Z3, 9A, 9H and 4U1VIC.

Zone 16. Eastern Zone of Europe: UR-UZ, EU-EW, ER, UA1, UA3, UA4, UA6, UA9 (S, T, W), and R1MV (Malyj Vysotskij).

Zone 17. Western Zone of Siberia: EZ, EY, EX, UA9 (A, C, F, G, J, K, L, M, Q, X) UK, UN-UQ, UH, UI and UJ-UM.

Zone 18. Central Siberian Zone: UA8 (T, V), UA9 (H, O, U, Y, Z), and UA0 (A, B, H, O, S, U, W).

Zone 19. Eastern Siberian Zone: UA0 (C, D, E, I, J, K, L, Q, X, Z).

Zone 20. Balkan Zone: E4, JY, LZ, OD, SV, SV5, SV9, SV/A, TA, YK, YO, ZC4, 4X and 5B.

Zone 21. Southwestern Zone of Asia: 4J, 4K, 4L, A4, A6, A7, A9, AP, EK, EP, HZ, YA, YI, 7O and 9K. (See Notes Below)

Zone 22. Southern Zone of Asia: A5, S2, VU, VU (Lakshadweep Is.), 4S, 8Q, and 9N.

Zone 23. Central Zone of Asia: JT, UA0Y, BY3G-L (Nei Mongol), BY9, BY0.

Zone 24. Eastern Zone of Asia: BQ9 (Pratas), BV, BY1, BY2, BY3A-F (Tian Jin), BY3M-R (He Bei), BY3S-X (Shan Xi), BY4, BY5, BY6, BY7, BY8, VR and XX.

Zone 25. Japanese Zone: HL, JA and P5.

Zone 26. Southeastern Zone of Asia: HS, VU (Andaman and Nicobar Islands), XV(3W), XU, XW, XZ and 1S (Spratly Islands).

Zone 27. Philippine Zone: DU (Philippines), JD1 (Minami Torishima), JD1 (Ogasawara), T8(KC6) (Palau), KH2 (Guam), KH0 (Marianas Is.), V6 (Fed. States of Micronesia) and BS7 (Scarborough Reef).

Zone 28. Indonesian Zone: H4, P2, V8, YB, 4W (East Timor), 9M and 9V.

Zone 29. Western Zone of Australia: VK6, VK8, VK9X (Christmas Is.), VK9C (Cocos-Keeling Is.) and some Antarctic stations. (See Notes Below)

Zone 30. Eastern Zone of Australia: FK/C (Chesterfield), VK1-5, VK7, VK9L (Lord Howe Is.), VK9W (Willis Is.), VK9M (Mellish Reef), VK0 (Macquarie Is.) and some Antarctic stations. (See Notes Below)

Zone 31. Central Pacific Zone: C2, FO (Marquesas), KH1, KH3, KH4, KH5, KH5K, KH6, KH7, KH7K, KH9, T2, T3, V7 and ZK3.

Zone 32. New Zealand Zone: A3, FK (except Chesterfield), FO (except Marquesas and Clipperton), FW, H40(Temotu), KH8, VK9N (Norfolk Is.) VP6 (Pitcairn and Ducie), YJ, ZK1, ZK2, ZL, ZL7, ZL8, 3D2, 5W and some Antarctic stations. (See Notes Below)

Zone 33. Northwestern Zone of Africa: CN, CT3, EA8, EA9, IG9, IH9 (Pantelleria Is.), S0, 3V and 7X.

Zone 34. Northeastern Zone of Africa: ST, SU and 5A.

Zone 35. Central Zone of Africa: C5, D4, EL J5, TU, TY, TZ, XT, 3X, 5N, 5T, 5U, 5V, 6W, 9G and 9L.

Zone 36. Equatorial Zone of Africa: D2, TJ, TL, TN, S9, TR, TT, ZD7, ZD8, 3C, 3C0, 9J, 9Q, 9U and 9X.

Zone 37. Eastern Zone of Africa: C9, ET, E3, J2, T5, 5H, 5X, 5Z, 7O and 7Q. (See Notes Below)

Zone 38. South African Zone: A2, V5, ZD9, Z2, ZS1-ZS8, 3DA, 3Y (Bouvet Is.), 7P, and some Antarctic stations. (See Notes Below)

Zone 39. Madagascar Zone: D6, FT-W, FT-X, FT-Z, FH, FR, S7, VK0 (Heard Is.) VQ9, 3B6/7, 3B8, 3B9, 5R8 and some Antarctic stations. (See Notes Below)

Zone 40. North Atlantic Zone: JW, JX, OX, R1FJ (Franz Josef Land), and TF.

Antarctic notes:
The boundaries of CQ zones 12, 13, 29, 30, 32, 38 and 39 converge at the South Pole.
Stations KC4AAA and KC4USN are at the South Pole, and will count for any one of the listed zones.
Most Antarctic stations indicate their zone on the QSL card.
A few stations and their zones are 4K1A 39, 4K1B 29, 4K1C 29, 4K1D 36, 4K1E 29, 4K1F 13, 4K1G 30, 4K1H 32, 4K1J 13, 8J1RL 39, CE9 13, DP0 36. FT-Y 30, HF0POL 13, HL5BDS 13, KC4AAC 13, KC4AAD 13, KC4AAE 29, KC4USB 32, KC4USV 30, LU-Z 13, VK0GM 29, VP8ME 38; YB8ANT 38, and ZL5AA 30. The list changes frequently. Questions regarding the zone of a particular Antarctic station should be directed to the WAZ Manager.

Other notes:
7O (Yemen) is shown in zones 21 and 37. The position of the border is unclear - does anyone know where it should go?

Page notes:
This page is a corrected version of CQ Magazine's 'official' list, which you can see at
Their version '1/8/04' contains more than 20 mistakes, not including punctuation. Despite a number of emails, they have not bothered to correct it, so I have done the job for them. You are welcome to copy this list on to your own pages, as long as you acknowledge the source (www.mapability.com/ei8ic/).


If you notice any further errors in this list, please email me. (details here.)

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