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This page serves as an introduction to the HF Contesting section.
HF Contesting - A true Contact Sport.


Most weekends of the year, the HF Amateur bands burst into life as thousands of Radio Amateurs (Hams) try to talk to as many people as possible whilst saying as little as possible. This is the sport of Radio Contesting, and while many are baffled by all the noise, and many others are annoyed by the space it takes, to the participants it is as exciting as any Olympic event, with the added bonus that Couch Potatoes can come first !

Whether you spend a lot or a little money on your hobby, whether you devote the whole weekend or just a couple of hours, Contesting welcomes you to its ranks, and hopes you take part, have a lot of fun, learn a little more about yourself and your station, and send in your log.

The HF Contesting section of this website has numerous articles that explain how to start, and how to improve your station and your scores. Have a look around, find something new, and I hope I'll see you in the next contest !!

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