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Contacting Tim Makins - EI8IC

January 2011 - I am currently spending some time travelling, and have been on the road since 2006. You can see where I am, and read the latest news on my Travel Website, or look at & purchase high-resolution professional Travel Photos at my GnomePlanet website.
Whilst I am away, the best way to contact me is via email. I may not check my messages every day, indeed it may be a month or more before I get time to check them, especially when I am in Africa or Central Asia, but rest assured all messages will be dealt with eventually.
My e-mail address for Ham correspondence is  :

I spend a lot of time creating maps and other resources for the Ham-community, all of it unpaid. Although some items are charged for, the amount I charge and the numbers of people who bother, are small. If you enjoy using my maps, and would like to make a donation towards this site, please click the button below. Your donation, of any amount, is most welcome, and will go towards my site costs, and hardware/software upgrades.
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