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KB1SG's Rhombic Pages
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This page introduces the KB1SG Rhombic section.

The Rhombic Pages of Ian W. Cummings, KB1SG, were an important and popular resource for this fine antenna. Due to hosting problems, the site disappeared in 2002. Fortunately, thanks to the internet archive at http://web.archive.org/ I have managed to retrieve most of the site, and with Ian's permission have placed the pages here, for the benefit of others who would like to know more about the rhombic.


As a footnote, I have also included Ian's pages on what must be the world's biggest receiving antenna, the Wullenweber/CDDA:

There are many other rhombic resources on the net, and information about the W6AM antennas. One site worth visiting is the 'A Field Trip to W6AM' pages, by Dennis, NE6I.

Don W6AM gets a mention on the 'CQ Contest' email reflector from time to time. Click Here to see the emails that mention him.

EI8IC sends his thanks to Don VE3HUR who kindly helped locate some of the missing images.

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