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This page introduces Irish Contester EI8IC.
Call-signs, past/present
My Tower(s)
Not what you'd call towers - rather various bits of poles, aluminium, and a tree with an extension on it !
Transmitting Antennas
  • 160m - Dipole at 60'
  • 80m - Full wave Delta Loop at 60'
  • 40m - as 80m
  • 20m - 3 el monoband yagi at 38'
  • 15m - 3 el monoband yagi at 40'
  • 10m - Full wave Delta Loop at 50'
Receiving Antennas
Drake TR7 tcvr, Drake R7A rcvr, and TS690S as backup rig.
Heatherlite Hunter.
Useful Accessories
A lot of homemade items, ranging from Rx Attenuator, to G6CJ Stereocode Unit.
Contesting Software
  • Logger - Super Duper
  • RTTY - W1FB but not used it yet
  • Other - GeoClock Greyline Program
When did you start contesting ?
1975, in the RSGB 7Mhz CW. Managed 29 QSOs.
Comments about your early contesting...
I never used to enter a log, as I was never sure how to score it properly. There wasn't the information around in those days, and keeping the paperwork up to date slowed the rates down. I was more interested in DXing then, and was interested to work all the exotic DX that appeared in the contests. My first club contest was with the Clifton Amateur Radio Society, G3GHN, in FieldDay. They never had a hope of winning, but took it very seriously, and everyone had a brilliant time.
What do you enjoy about HF Contesting ?:
I like watching the 'big picture' unfold as a contest progresses. Seeing who is on the air, how they are operating. I love it when some exotic multipliers pop up out of nowhere. I like the patterns that emerge, getting to know how the band is performing. And the funny comments, and peoples reactions under stress.
What do you attribute to your success ?
A good receiver and good filters. Perseverance.
Which are your favourite contests, and why ?
All Asian DX - its so exotic.
Scandinavian Activity Contest - lots of signals, everyone has a good time.
CQ WW - very busy, with interesting DX signals.
What is the next planned improvement to your station ?
Better aerial supports. A Beverage for the low bands.
What tips would you pass on to budget-contesters ?
Read the 'Budget Contester' section of this website.
What advice do you have for new contesters ?
Pick a class and contest that interest you. Do lots of contesting. Don't worry what others are doing.
Contact Details
Email: tim DOT ei8ic AT gmail DOT com
Homepage: http://www.mapability.com/ei8ic/
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