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Irish Contesting
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This page serves as an introduction to the Irish HF Amateur Radio Contesting section of the EI8IC website.
Irish Contesting - Always Growing...


Most weekends of the year, the HF Amateur bands burst into life as thousands of Radio Amateurs (Hams) try to talk to as many people as possible whilst saying as little as possible. This is the sport of Radio Contesting, and as in most other countries, Irish Amateurs take part along with the best. In recent years, the numbers of Irish contesters has been slowly growing, and this website was set up to chart their progress and list their achievements.

I have tried to include as many published results of HF contests with Irish participants in as possible. If there have been any that have been missed, please let me know about them.

In this section, results are listed in alphabetical and in chronological order. There are also pages that tell Irish contesters how a winning place can be Guaranteed, and sections that list the Irish hams who are currently contesting.

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