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This page introduces Irish Contester EI8GS - Jim Barry.
Call-signs, past/present
My Tower(s)
Telescoping tower 65ft
Transmitting Antennas
  • 160m - Sloping dipole
  • 80m - Dipole/HF2V 80/40 vert
  • 40m - Dipole/HF2V 80/40 vert
  • 20m - TH 11
  • 15m - TH 11
  • 10m - TH 11
Receiving Antennas
AL 1500
Useful Accessories
Contesting Software
  • Logger - CT/Superduper
  • RTTY -
  • Other -
When did you start contesting ?
Have always been interested in the competive side of hobbys, got interested in contesting about ten years ago.
Comments about your early contesting...
The big problem was trying the read the handwriting after thank God for keyboards.
What do you enjoy about HF Contesting ?:
Waiting for the lights to go green, and call CQ.
What do you attribute to your success ?
Well success is relative, success is if everything stays going for the duration, if one can stay awake, if the computer doesn't crash, if one can get a good score, and above all its the enjoyment, the greatest thrill was the 99 ARRL with EI8IR having worked all 50 US states on 20 meters at 15.20
Which are your favourite contests, and why ?
The ARRL and CQWW.
What is the next planned improvement to your station ?
Improve low band antennas.
What tips would you pass on to budget-contesters ?
Is there such a thing ? One can take part with a simple bit of wire and a rig, it is no trouble, and very easy to improve on, perhaps a budget station is 100 watts and a A3.
What advice do you have for new contesters ?
Get involved in the big contests start off by working the big ones first, and set yourself a goal of say working 50 or 100 countrys or in the ARRL try working the 50 US states.
Contact Details
Email: ei8gs AT eircom DOT net
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