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Contester Profile - EI7GL
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This page introduces Irish Contester EI7GL - John M. Desmond.
Call-signs, past/present
My Tower(s)
Mast - 9 Metres
Transmitting Antennas
  • 160m - Inv-V Trapped Dipole
  • 80m - Inv-V Dip
  • 40m - Inv-V Dip
  • 20m - R6000 Multiband Vertica
  • 15m - R6000 Multiband Vertica
  • 10m - R6000 Multiband Vertica
Receiving Antennas
Kenwood TS690S
Useful Accessories
Contesting Software
  • Logger - Super Dupe
  • RTTY -
  • Other - Geoclock S/Ware (Shows Greyline)
When did you start contesting ?
Comments about your early contesting...
No Sunspots!!!
What do you enjoy about HF Contesting ?:
Level of activity and trying to beat my previous scores.
What do you attribute to your success ?
Which are your favourite contests, and why ?
IOTA - Very good for Island stations, CQWW - Level of activity
What is the next planned improvement to your station ?
Nothing planned
What tips would you pass on to budget-contesters ?
What advice do you have for new contesters ?
Forget about scores. Just enjoy the contest.
Contact Details
Email: ei7gl AT qsl DOT net
Homepage: http://www.qsl.net/ei7gl/
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