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IOTA Introduction
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This page serves as an introduction to the IOTA section of this website.
IOTA: Islands On The Air
The 'Islands On The Air' award, started by Geoff Watts and now run by the RSGB, is a popular award for Amateur Radio operators, where the objective is to contact Ham Radio operators transmitting from offshore islands throughout the world. There is also an associated contest each July, where operators make a special effort to put as many islands as possible on the air, often with the use of portable and battery-powered equipment.
There are many sites on the internet that explain the background to IOTA, and what you need to get started, so I am not going to bother repeating this information. Instead, my IOTA section contains a couple of unique resources:
  • IOTA Bearing List - lets you create a personalised list of bearing and distance from your own QTH to all IOTA groups.
  • IOTA Group Maps - uses the RSGB .xml data to create maps, information, and an island-list for every IOTA group.

To see world maps that plot the position of every IOTA group in each 7 continents, along with much much more, why not download my free Global Overlay Mapper application, suitable for all Contesters, DXers, and Amateur Radio enthusiasts worldwide.

I spend a lot of time creating maps and other resources for the Ham-community, all of it unpaid. If you enjoy using my maps, and would like to make a donation towards this site, please click the button below. Your donation is most welcome, and will go towards my site costs, and hardware/software upgrades.
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