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IOTA Group Map: EU-115
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This page generates a map for all IOTA reference numbers.

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This map shows a bounding rectangle which forms the outer boundary of the group: EU-115. It is important to be aware, however, that there may well be areas of sea or mainland within this boundary, and that some group boundaries overlap with others. You must not, therefore, assume that, given a set of coordinates, a certain IOTA group reference is correct. This is only possible to confirm with the island name.

Group IdentifierEU-115
Group NameIreland (Ireland / Northern Ireland)
Group Comments
Islands Included * Achill * Achillbeg * Ballycotton * Coney * Cruit * Dursey * Gorumna * Inch * Lettermore * Lettermullen * Main Island of Ireland * Mweenish * Omey * Puffin * Ringarogy * Scattery * Shenick's * Sherkin * Spanish * Turbot * Valentia * Whiddy *
Included Count22
Islands Excluded
Excluded Count0
DXCC ID245;265
Percentage Credited93
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