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This page introduces the reader to the Ham Radio station of EI8IC.
An Introduction

Amateur Radio, also known as 'Ham Radio' is the hobby of communicating by wireless with other licensed Hams around the world. It is a hobby with many facets, and the ones that I am primarily interested in are those of HF (short wave) communication, and Contesting.

This section introduces the reader to EI8IC, the amateur callsign identifying Tim Makins as a licensed Radio Amateur, and provides a brief biography of his operating career, shows you photos and other details of his radio equipment, his antennas, and the log books that are a record of his recent contest activities.

There is also a small photo-gallery, with photos of the EI8IC QSL cards, some photos of the Sligo area of Western Ireland, and an archive of photos showing the G3GHN/P National Field Day expedition of 1979.

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