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This page introduces the Free Buy-and-Sell-It forum for EI hams, and describes the conditions of use for the service.
Welcome to the EI-Ham Buy and Sell Forum. This service was set up to counter the long delays inherent in the more traditional forms of members-ads, and to encourage amateurs with radio or electronic equipment that they no longer have need for to pass them on at a reasonable price to those who need them. These days, the price of new equipment is such as to make it very difficult for newly-licensed hams to make a start on the bands - let's support them by making any redundant equipment available and thus encourage the next generation of Irish Experimenters.
How the Forum works
To post a message, simply fill in your name, email address, and message subject in the boxes provided. Your subject could be something like 'For Sale - FT101 transceiver' or 'Wanted - Scanner in Good Condition'. The length is limited to 80 characters. Try and make it informative, as its this subject that will be seen initially by visitors to the EI-Ham Forum. In the message area, type your description of what is for sale, for exchange, or wanted, and PLEASE include a guide-price ! You can also include a telephone number or address if you prefer to be contacted this way.

Please read the Legal Notice before proceeding further.
Any use of this service is an acknowledgement that this has been done.

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