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The 1984 film 'A Passage To India' was director David Lean's last film. There are many sites and articles on the Internet that explain or critique this film much better than I could. This page, and its sub-pages make no attempt to discuss the whys and wherefores of the book or the film. I love both of them. I also love India, so what better than to combine the book, the film, and the country by collecting some photos of the locations used in the film and presenting them online in a way that makes them accessible to actual or armchair travellers.

Procession led by elephant journeys to the Marabar Caves - Click to show full-size image in new browser
To the Marabar Caves

These pages contain notes, maps, and photographs about these locations, and assorted historical notes that might be of interest to you. This is an on-going work, and will only be completed when I stop visiting India: something that I hope will not happen for many years to come. If you can help me with any notes, photos, or anecdotes about the film, cast, crew, or locations, then please send them along: they are very welcome and I will try to include them here on these pages.

Bridge over the Jhelum River, in Srinagar, Kashmir - Click to show full-size image in new browser
Jhelum River, Srinagar

For a full description of the plot, visit the 'Plot' page. Briefly though, the film begins in London then quickly moves via Bombay and a journey on the Imperial Indian Mail to the fictional city of Chandrapore and its Civil Lines, where the British Community live. Visits are made to the Club, and Mr Fielding's house. A small trip is taken to some abandoned temples nearby. Back in Chandrapore, an expedition by metre-gauge railway is arranged to the Marabar Caves, which were based on the real Barabar Caves near Gaya, in the state of Bihar. An 'incident' occurs at the caves that beings the film back to the court in Chandrapore. The film ends in the city of Srinagar, in the Kashmir Valley.


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