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Mini-Flags for your Website
¤ This page describes a complete set of mini-flags that you can purchase for your website.

Over 460 flags for your website
for only 10 US Dollars !!

Whilst developing my overlay maps, I realised that I would need a full set of world and state flags. As no complete set was available to my specifications, I had no choice but to create more than 460 flags myself. Some examples are shown above.
The design guidelines for the Mini-Flag collection were :

  • Each flag is 48 pixels x 32 pixels x 16 colors
  • Each flag has a file-size of less than 1Kb
  • Each flag has a black border, 1 pixel wide
  • Each flag has been hand-edited, for clarity
  • A minimum number of colors used for each flag

Some people have remarked that it would have been easier to re-size available flags. This was a possibility that I did do some research into, but in the end, I wasn't satisfied with the results obtained from even the best programs. If you take a look at the example of the flag for the US state of New York above, you can judge it for yourself.

Other people have suggested that it is easy to download the flags from the Internet, rather than pay. My response is to tell them to go ahead and try ! Finding this number of flags, of a consistent size and quality, is a very difficult task, and will take you many hours. The first 2 or 3 hundred are easy enough, but after that, its a different story. Here, you find them all together in one pack, and all for 10 Euros or equivalent.

Purchase the flags online now. You can use them on private or commercial websites. The only restrictions are that you don't offer them for download as a package, try to re-sell them, try to include them in any collection of graphics, clipart, etc. I'd also appreciate a link to this site wherever they are used.

What you will receive:
Africa:75 flagsAsia:57 flagsEurope:72 flags
Oceania:59 flagsNorth America:48 flagsSouth America:29 flags
50 USA state flags + DC, same format as above:51 flags
USA state flags, preserved aspect ratio, no borders:51 flags
Australia state flags8 flags
Canada province flags13 flags

How to get your set of flags.

To get your set of Mini-Flags, you must pay online using the free PayPal service. When payment has been received, you will be taken to a link for downloading.

To pay online, click the button below, which will take you straight to the PayPal website via a Secure webpage. Once the payment has completed, you will be taken to a link for downloading.

PayPal allows you to securely send money to any other registered PayPal user. The money is charged to your credit card, and sent to the recipient. The transaction takes seconds to complete, and is processed using a secure server at all times. Click Here for more information about PayPal.

In the past, it has been possible to pay for my flags in a variety of different methods, such as cash or cheque. You may be wondering if this is still possible. The answer is No - I am now only accepting payment via the Internet. If you don't have a credit card yourself, I am sure you know someone who does.

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