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This page contains the EI8IC World APRS Viewer.

The EI8IC World APRS Viewer displays the latest positions of all stations currently transmitting APRS data, anywhere on the planet, as received on the servers. With 6 levels of zoom available, 3 different map sizes, and 7 different types of map, this is one of the most comprehensive APRS display-systems on the internet.

To choose an area to display, click on the world map to zoom straight to a 5° square. From there, you can zoom in further to display live or archived APRS action.

You can also choose an area of interest by selecting from any of the 26 lists below.

Individual Amateur Radio callsigns can be located in advance, by using the boxes to the right of the map. Click the icon to zoom to a larger map that contains it.

Find Callsign:
for last
load new APRS layer
APRS: Show
APRS: Hide  

To locate a Map-Feature, Position, or Grid Locator as the centre-point
for an APRS map, use the selectors or input-boxes below.

Select Map by Name:
(Select category in upper box first)
Select Map by Position:
(Example : 123d30m00s or 123.50)
Select Map by Grid Locator:
(Example : DM26 or EN77cr)
Thanks to Steve Dimse K4HG for the online data.         Map by Tim Makins EI8IC.
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