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World Relief Tiles
¤ This page introduces the set of World Relief Image Tiles available from this website.

world relief image tile sample 1A useful resource to the way we look at the world is an image that shows the hills, valleys and mountains in some easily distinguishable form. Two of the most common ways to do this are the contour map and the relief map. A contour map contain lines that join points of equal altitude. The areas in between the lines may be colored, to help give an idea of rise and fall. The relief map contains no such lines, but relies on color or shading to indicate elevation. Whilst not as precise as a contour map, it is easier to visualize a large area and form a quick assessment of the terrain.

world relief image tile sample 2By careful choice of color, a relief map can be both informative and astonishingly beautiful. The two examples here show this off quite clearly - they were taken from images available on this site. There are a number of relief maps to be found on the Internet, some of which are mentioned on the Links page, but none were felt to have a color scheme that was 'believeable', and none were available at a large scale.

I decided to rectify this, and have created a set of 20° x 20° world relief image tiles that cover every land area on the planet. Numbering 145 in total, each tile is 695 x 695 pixels; approximately 9.6 inches or 24.4 cm per side. They are available in two formats:
FormatTypical File SizeCompressionSea MergedPrice
.jpg< 83Kbytes20 %YesFree
.bmp1400KbytesNoneNo5 Euro
Both types of image are borderless, and can be placed next to each other to form larger composite ones. The .bmp will show no indication of the join, whilst in the .jpg there may be a slight change, but this would only be seen at high magnifcations. The sea is not merged in any way with the land in the .bmp images, and so can be easily changed, re-colored, or used to form transparent gifs. In the .jpg images, the sea merges with the coastline during the compression process, and is not so easily altered.

Custom Relief Maps
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