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Purchase Relief Tiles
¤ This page provides access to 145 relief image tiles in .bmp format, available for online purchase.

Here you can purchase online a license for any of these 145 relief tiles, which are stored in top-quality .bmp format, 695 x 695 pixels, 1.4Mb per image. Click the required square on the map below, and a box will appear to confirm your selection. Repeat as many times as necessary, then click the 'View Cart' button below the map. When payment has been received, download instructions, or the CD Package, will be sent to you shortly. For conditions of use, see below.

+80-170.bmp +80-150.bmp +80-130.bmp +80-110.bmp +80-090.bmp +80-070.bmp +80-050.bmp +80-030.bmp +80-010.bmp +80+010.bmp +80+030.bmp +80+050.bmp +80+070.bmp +80+090.bmp +80+110.bmp +80+130.bmp +80+150.bmp +80+170.bmp +60-170.bmp +60-150.bmp +60-130.bmp +60-110.bmp +60-090.bmp +60-070.bmp +60-050.bmp +60-030.bmp +60-010.bmp +60+010.bmp +60+030.bmp +60+050.bmp +60+070.bmp +60+090.bmp +60+110.bmp +60+130.bmp +60+150.bmp +60+170.bmp +40-130.bmp +40-110.bmp +40-090.bmp +40-070.bmp +40-050.bmp +40-030.bmp +40-010.bmp +40+010.bmp +40+030.bmp +40+050.bmp +40+070.bmp +40+090.bmp +40+110.bmp +40+130.bmp +40+150.bmp +20-170.bmp +20-150.bmp +20-110.bmp +20-090.bmp +20-070.bmp +20-050.bmp +20-030.bmp +20-010.bmp +20+010.bmp +20+030.bmp +20+050.bmp +20+070.bmp +20+090.bmp +20+110.bmp +20+130.bmp +20+150.bmp +20+170.bmp +00-170.bmp +00-150.bmp +00-130.bmp +00-090.bmp +00-070.bmp +00-050.bmp +00-030.bmp +00-010.bmp +00+010.bmp +00+030.bmp +00+050.bmp +00+070.bmp +00+090.bmp +00+110.bmp +00+130.bmp +00+150.bmp +00+170.bmp -20-170.bmp -20-150.bmp -20-130.bmp -20-110.bmp -20-070.bmp -20-050.bmp -20-030.bmp -20-010.bmp -20+010.bmp -20+030.bmp -20+050.bmp -20+070.bmp -20+110.bmp -20+130.bmp -20+150.bmp -20+170.bmp -40-170.bmp -40-090.bmp -40-070.bmp -40-050.bmp -40-010.bmp -40+010.bmp -40+030.bmp -40+050.bmp -40+070.bmp -40+110.bmp -40+130.bmp -40+150.bmp -40+170.bmp -60-090.bmp -60-070.bmp -60-050.bmp -60-030.bmp -60+010.bmp -60+030.bmp -60+050.bmp -60+070.bmp -60+090.bmp -60+110.bmp -60+130.bmp -60+150.bmp -60+170.bmp -80-170.bmp -80-150.bmp -80-130.bmp -80-110.bmp -80-090.bmp -80-070.bmp -80-050.bmp -80-030.bmp -80-010.bmp -80+010.bmp -80+030.bmp -80+050.bmp -80+070.bmp -80+090.bmp -80+110.bmp -80+130.bmp -80+150.bmp -80+170.bmp
Currency:US Dollar Euros
 UK Pounds Japan Yen
Amount Download: 5.75 USD
  Airmail CD: 8.00 USD
Tile Ident.
Amount Download: 5.00 EUR
  Airmail CD: 7.00 EUR
Tile Ident.
Amount Download: 3.48 GBP
  Airmail CD: 4.86 GBP
Tile Ident.
Amount Download: 689 Yen
  Airmail CD: 965 Yen
Tile Ident.

Contact Me for quantity discount if buying 10 or more images.

Conditions of Use

The bmp image tiles can be used in any application, commercial or non commercial. There are only two conditions of use:

  1. You do not offer any of these images for re-sale, either individually, as a package, or included in any image collection.
  2. You do not offer any of these images for download on your site. They are designed to be used, not passed off as your own.

If you have any further questions, please contact me at this page.

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