North American Overlay Mapping

The Time Box

The Time Box is available from the Map Navigation page, the Calculate page, and any of the 49 map pages. To open it, click the 'Time' button, to the right of the upper toolbar.

The Time Box shows date and time for nine different time zones:

  • Hawaii (-10 hours from GMT)
  • Alaska (-9 hours from GMT)
  • Pacific (-8 hours from GMT)
  • Mountain (-7 hours from GMT)
  • Central (-6 hours from GMT)
  • Eastern (-5 hours from GMT)
  • Atlantic (-4 hours from GMT)
  • Newfoundland (-3.5 hours from GMT)

The accuracy of the display, and whether the values are correct, depend on the settings of your own computer clock, and your choice of system time zone. To ammend or update these values, click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Date/Time, or double-click the time display on the system tray.

There are a number of programs available that will synchronise your computer to a national time standard; try a Google Search to locate one.