North American Overlay Mapping

System Requirements and Supported Browsers

The NAOMI Mapping System is written as a series of Javascript-controlled web-pages within a custom browser-shell, with over 2150 accompanying graphic images. Some of these are quite large, and so a reasonably modern computer is recommended. I would suggest a Pentium-1, with processor speed of 133Mhz and 32Mb of RAM as a minimum system. It may well run on an older computer, but the time taken to load and display maps will increase. You may also find that sorting and formatting lists becomes rather time-consuming.

Your video card should be capable of High Color (16bit), True Color (24bit), or True Color (32bit) operation. The maps can be seen on a 256-color display, but the resulting images, especially the satelite photos and relief maps, are not as good as with the higher resolutions.

The main requirement is a modern web-browser, that is Javascript and CSS enabled, and conforms to normal web standards. For this, I recommend Internet Explorer, versions 5 and above. Because of the differences in coding, some features may not be available for Mozilla, Netscape, or other less popular browsers. To use all of the features in NAOMI, you should stay with Internet Explorer.

The Windows-shell was written in Visual Basic.Net 2003, which requires the .NET Framework v1.1 to be already installed. Many computers already have this - you can check by clicking 'Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs', and looking for an entry 'Microsoft.NET Framework 1.1'. If it is missing, the GOM installer-program will tell you where to download it, though it usually sends you to the wrong page, and Version 2.0, which you don't want.

You can get the correct version from the Microsoft website HERE, or you can click HERE to go straight to the file, which is about 23MB in size.

Despite what you might think, Version 2.0 is NOT a 'new and improved' version of 1.1: it is a totally different program. You can have both versions on your computer at the same time, if you wish. When you have the .NET Framework installed, you can run any software package written in Visual Basic.NET, so its worth taking the time to acquire and install it.