North American Overlay Mapping

How to Print Maps

Although it is possible to left-click on the screen and then press 'Ctrl-P', the area selected by the printer-driver is not always optimal. Therefore, the recommended method to print out maps from the North American Overlay Mapper is to do a screen-grab, then print that using Microsoft 'Paint', which comes as standard with Windows, or any other graphics program that can print from the clipboard.

To do this, select the map and overlays you wish to be visible, then press the 'PrintScreen' button on your keyboard. This will place the current screen image on to the system Clipboard. Then click 'Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint' to start the 'Paint' program. Click 'Edit > Paste' to display the image from the clipboard on to the screen, then crop or resize the image as required. Press 'File > Print Preview' to check the image fits comfortably on to the page, then press 'File > Print' to send the image to your default printer.