North American Overlay Mapping

Pin Position

Click 'Tools' > 'Pin Position' to access this tool. It has two uses; to provide positional information for all the Map-Pins currently selected, and to provide an easy way to jump to the correct map that a pin is located on.

The format of the positional information depends on which Option has been chosen with the Option Tool. Five options are available:

  1. Decimal Degrees, with 2 decimal places
  2. Decimal Degrees, with 3 decimal places
  3. Degrees, Minutes, Seconds
  4. Degrees, Minutes, Decimal Minutes
  5. UTM coordinates

Also shown for each pin is the 'Location'; its value loaded when a position is selected from one of the pre-defined lists on the Map Navigation page. A pin added by hand will have the Location set to 'unknown'.

To jump to the correct map that pin is located on, simply click the colored spot representing the Map Pin of your choice.