North American Overlay Mapping


Click 'Tools' > 'Horizon' to access this tool. Its function is to compute the distance to the horizon for a given viewing height - useful for Rover operators with microwave equipment.

When the tool is started, it shows a row of colored spots for Map Pins that represent Mountains. Map-Pins that are not Mountains are not shown. However, for this tool, Map-Pins are not required. You can enter a height in the 'Height of Eye' box, then select feet or metres before clicking the 'Go' button. The distance to the horizon is shown in the boxes below.

If any of the currently selected Map-Pins are Mountains, their position, name, and height are shown in a table below the distance-boxes. You can use the height value to enter in to the upper 'Height of Eye' box, and get an idea of the horizon available from the summit.

To load the map that contains a mountain Map-Pin, click on the colored spot that represents it.