North American Overlay Mapping

The Location Map

When a map has been loaded, you can toggle the Locator Map on and off by clicking on the 'Locate' button, bottom left of the main map toolbar. The small Locator Map will appear; a red frame showing the coverage area and boundaries of the current large map that you are looking at.

If you wish to keep the Locator Map on, but find that it is hiding some important detail underneath, click on and then drag the Locator Map to another part of the screen. Its new position will be remembered even if you turn it off and on again.

As a reminder of the coverage of a big map when it is first loaded, the Locator Map is pre-programmed to turn on for two seconds, and then automatically disappear. If you wish to change this action, and make it stay on for a little longer, or not come on at all, you can alter the settings by clicking 'Tools' > 'Options', and scrolling down to the relevant section. Changes you make will only apply to the NAOMI suite that is currently showing. If you close the program then start it again, the new settings will be lost. To make permanent changes to the Locator Map action, you need to open the file 'defaults.js' with 'Notepad' or similar text editor, and make and save the changes detailed there. Do NOT use 'Word', or a word processor to edit the 'defaults.js' file, as these programs will add extra, unwanted characters.