North American Overlay Mapping

Validate Entries

This function can be found by clicking the down-arrow button until 'Validate and format the input list' is reached. Clicking on this will check whatever text is currently showing in the Input List area. If the text is a valid list, the routine will validate each line, and if successful, format the list and display it in the Output List area, over-writing whatever was previously stored there.

The results of the operation, and the size of the list, will be shown in the List Status box, on the main toolbar.

Any errors that are noticed will be flagged by an alert-box, with details of the error, and the line number that contains it.

Once the list has been validated, you can either Save the list as it is, or Edit one or more of the entries. To do this, click the down-arrow button until 'Edit and order the current output list' is reached. Clicking on this will start the editing-mode, and provide access to the editing buttons on the upper toolbar - full details are on the Open a List page.