North American Overlay Mapping

Test Data

If you would like to experiment with the List-Editor before entering your own data, you can do this with the test data that has been provided. To load the test data, click on the down-arrow until you reach 'Show test data to experiment with'. Click on that, and the test data will load into the Input List area. Note that no warning is given before you do this, because any data placed or pasted into the Input List area is not acted on or processed until you specifically request this to happen.

The test data is a short list of 9 lines, forming a fully working list with 9 entries. The data has been chosen to represent a wide range of locations and data-types. You can also see how different values for similar data types are allowed : i.e. New Jersey, DC, and UCA are all acceptable state names.

Try validating the data (more about this in the Validate page). You can also try changing the text in the Input List area by deleting or typing additional letters, to see how the error-trapping routines work.

After you have validated the test data, and selected the 'Edit and order the current output list' mode, you can edit and order the data using the various features described in the Open a List page. If you want to reset the data to its condition before you started to make changes, press the 'Reset all changes' button, or load and validate the data once again as described above.