North American Overlay Mapping

User-Lists - an introduction

A key feature that sets NAOMI above that of other map sytems, User-Lists let you create, display and maintain your own lists of locations. They can be easily accessed, and displayed automatically on the correct map. You can reference their position against other points, or plot them as a graphic layer.

What might these lists be ? Well, they can be absolutely anything you want - they are your lists, after all ! Some examples of ideas for lists might be:

  • Members of a club or group
  • Locations of beacons or repeaters
  • Waypoints from a trip or expedition
  • Business contacts or depots
  • The homes of friends or family members

Basically, any group of locations that you may want to collect together and display quickly and easily. Each list can be whatever size you like, though I would recommend that you limit it to less than 1000 entries unless you have a newer computer. I have provided three diferent lists as food for thought - they are:

  1. ARRL Section Managers
  2. Citizen Weather stations (CWOP) in Northern California
  3. 128 of the biggest Mountains in the USA

A program has been provided that lets you easily compile or edit your own lists. It can be accessed by clicking 'Tools' > 'Edit Lists'. There are also tools that plot the lists on the map, and reference the positions to currently selected Map Pins. Find out more about these in the next few pages.