North American Overlay Mapping

The User-List Editor - what's it for ?

You might have noticed, when chosing a map to view on the Map Navigation page, that at the bottom of the 'Select Map by Name' list there are three entries : User-List 1, 2 and 3. These, as you might expect, are to allow users to have their own lists of geographical points that can be accessed just by clicking on them. When selected, the navigation routine examines each list-entry, loads the correct map, and displays the point with the next available Map_Pin. For more information about User Lists, see the User List Introduction page.

Click 'Tools' > 'Edit Lists' to load the User-List Editor. It helps you create and edit the User Lists, in a number of different ways:

  • Create a new list from scratch
  • Paste in some entries to create a list
  • Open an existing list and make changes

Other tasks that the User-List Editor can do:

  • Display the different formats that can be used
  • Load some test entries, to experiment with
  • Validate a list of entries
  • Check state or country codes before creating your list

The next few pages will explain these tasks in more detail.