North American Overlay Mapping

Create a New User-List

You can easily create a new list from scratch without knowing anything about the way that entries should be formatted or stored. All you need to know in advance is the names, the state or country, and locations of the points that you want to use in the list. Here's how to create your new list:

Click on the down-arrow, to the left of the tool bar, until you reach the entry 'Create a new list by hand'. Click on that entry. You will see that a new Output List has been created, with no entries. The list is named 'user1' as this new list will be the one that appears in the 'User-List 1' position when choosing a map. To change the title to user 2 or 3, select it in the 'List Title' box.

You can now enter the details for your first list entry:

  1. Type a name in the 'Location Name' box. This will be used to identify the position on the map and in other processes. You can use any normal character, space, or underline, but not any other punctuation character. Its recommended that you keep the length of the name to 16 characters, as some of the display modes will truncate a name that is longer than that.
  2. Select the Area Type, from one of the 3 options available: USA States, Canadian Provinces, or Countries. After you have selected one, the 'Value' box will let you choose the exact one that you want.
  3. Enter the point longitude and latitude, using the relevant boxes. You can enter the position in degree, minutes, and seconds, (example: 74d45m30s) or you can enter the position in decimal degrees (example: 122.56). Do not add extra decimal points (xx.123) or decimal values of seconds (xxdxxmxx.12s). The leading or trailing '0's are optional.

Once you have entered the data, click on the 'Insert a new entry' button, on the main toolbar. The output list will now contain your new entry, coded in a machine-readable format. The Input List will contain additional information of what you have just done. A shortened version is shown in the List Status window, on the main toolbar.

Important: If you make a mistake, and need to change any details for that entry, don't try to alter it by editing the Output List area, as the program will not be able to keep track of what you are doing. Instead, change the values in the boxes to the right of the screen, then click the 'Update this entry' button, on the main toolbar.

You can carry on adding more entries in the same way. Once you have more than one entry, you can edit, delete, or order the list in a variety of ways. See the Open an Existing List page for further details. When you have finished your work, you will need to save the list. This process is explained in the Save the list page.