North American Overlay Mapping

Entry Page

When NAOMI is started, a new widow is opened which contains the entry page. This page has two functions; to let you check current program information, and to let you choose the screen resolution for the monitor you are using to display NAOMI.

To the left of the screen can be seen the program information. This is changed whenever new software or overlays are updated, and so lets you know which version you are currently using. The same information can be seen when the program is running, by clicking Tools > About. The software and overlay versions are in the centre of the screen; below them can be found the registered callsign, and position.

To the right of the screen, below the picture, are the links that let you choose the screen resolution for viewing the maps. Although the maps themselves can scroll left-right, up-down, the toolbars that control the display are fixed. Loading the wrong resolution for your current monitor settings will mean that the toolbar may be clipped, and many of the functions lost. Different toolbars are provided for the different resolutions, so choose the one that matches your needs.