North American Overlay Mapping

Layer Notes - Major City

The 'Major City' foreground overlay shows three types of point feature:

  • National Capitals, which are indicated by having their name and point colored red.
  • State/Province Capitals, which are indicated by having their point colored red. Note that not all State/Province Capitals have a population >50,000.
  • Major Cities, which are classes as cities with a population >50,000. Note that not all maps contain cities of this size, but where there are none, the overlay will indicate this with a text message.

Choice of cities. Although all national and state capital cities are displayed on the maps, the design-brief was to give a good idea of population centres, whilst trying to avoid clutter and over-crowding of the maps. Therefore, certain large cities have been ommited if very close to more major ones in crowded areas.

The data for this overlay came from a variety of sources; the major one being VMAP0 data. For more information about VMAP0, visit the website.