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This page tells how to download NAOMI - the North American Overlay Mapper.
Downloading the North American Overlay Mapper

With the latest version, v1.2, the North American Overlay Mapper is now available for download completely free of charge. Follow the instructions below, and you will have a FULLY WORKING copy of NAOMI on your computer for as long as you wish to keep it. No nag-screens, no adverts, nothing to go out of date, no need to do anything else but use and enjoy the best North American Ham Radio Mapping system currently available.

System Requirements

The North American Overlay Mapper will run on any modern computer with the Windows 98/ME/2000/XP operating systems. As the program was built using Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, you will need the .NET Framework v1.1 to be already installed. Many computers already have this - you can check by clicking 'Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs', and looking for an entry 'Microsoft.NET Framework 1.1'. If it is missing, the NAOMI installer-program will tell you where to download it, though it usually sends you to the wrong page, and Version 2.0, which you don't want.

You can get the correct version from the Microsoft website HERE, or you can click HERE to go straight to the file, which is about 23MB in size.

Despite what you might think, Version 2.0 is NOT a 'new and improved' version of 1.0: it is a totally different program. You can have both versions on your computer at the same time, if you wish. When you have the .NET Framework installed, you can run any software package written in Visual Basic.NET, so its worth taking the time to acquire and install it.


The North American Overlay Mapper is packaged in 6 zipped files, each approximately 9MB in size. When installed, they will take approximately 67MB of space on your hard-drive. To proceed, you will need to create a blank folder anywhere on your computer, then click on the links below to download the zipped files and save in the blank folder. Use Winzip or similar to extract them to a single folder. In that folder you will have the following files:


To install, just click on the file 'Setup.exe'. After the installation has completed, you can delete the folder you just created, and all its contents, though you might wish to pass the zip-files on to a friend or local club so that they can have a FREE copy of NAOMI too.

Why should I Register ?

If your copy of the North American Overlay Mapper is not registered, the program will not be referenced to your own user-details. This means that although you can use every function of NAOMI, and view every map, the positional references which are an integral part of NAOMI will be referenced to Washington D.C., not your own QTH location. For further details of registering, see the Register page.

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