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This page shows the usefulness of NAOMI for County Hunters and County Hunting.
County Hunting

One of the most popular of Amateur Radio awards is the USA Counties Award (USA-CA) run by CQ Magazine. The award is issued in seven classes for working US Counties as follows:

ClassCounties RequiredStates Required

Other County Hunting Awards are organised by MARAC. Full details can be seen on the County Hunter Dot Com website.

How can NAOMI help with County Hunting ?

Although a number of websites provide resources for County Hunting and County Hunters, the quality and organisation could often be improved. Individual state maps showing the counties are fairly easy to find, but not much help if you want to locate a county on that map instantly. Lists of counties are also available, but show limited information and are not very user friendly. Designed specifically with the County Hunter in mind, NAOMI changes all of that. With NAOMI, a map is no longer a static resource just to look at. Not only can you locate and load a map with just a few clicks, you can reference the county position against 1000's of other pre-programmed resources, and view searchable and sortable County tables for each State.

Here are a few examples of what you can do with NAOMI:

  • Load full screen maps of US counties that show County Names, County and State Borders.
  • Choose a county from a list; the correct map is loaded, and that county is marked with a Map-Pin.
  • Show a background map of US counties, and compare their borders with a variety of other foregrounds, such as Cities, Road, Rail, Areacodes, Zipcodes, Water.
  • Overlay county names and boundaries on a variety of other backgrounds, such as States, Sections, CQ Zones, even satellite photographs.
  • Get instant bearing and distance information from your QTH to the centre of any county.
  • Superimpose the icons for any APRS stations on a county map. See minute-by-minute positions of any Rover stations with APRS as they drive from one county to the next.
  • Compare the position of any county with any other of 1000's of pre-programmed positions.
  • See which towns and cities are in each county; which Interstate or US Route crosses it.
  • Get distance and bearing from any county to any other.
  • Get multi-resolution satellite photos of any county with just a couple of clicks.
  • Create a list of local hams or club members, and get distance/bearing from a county-centre to each with just one click.
  • Create a list of Rover stations, and plot their calls on the maps.
  • Draw range-rings from any county-centre, and compare transmitter coverage areas.
  • Get up-to-the-minute weather reports and radar returns for any county.
  • View a list of counties for each state. See their FIPS values, abbreviations, area, population, and population densities.
  • Search each county table for any entry in the database. Sort the county table in a variety ways. Choose any column title to define the sort-order and direction.
  • Set the county-background as the default background layer. Any new map that is loaded will automatically have the county-background turned on from the start.

The list above describes just some of the ways that NAOMI can help the County Hunter. No other map-suite provides a fraction of the facilities for County Hunting - this is not surprising, as no other map-suite was designed specifically for County Hunters. If you are still not convinced, view the following screen shots:

Full sized image: JPG PNG
The quickest way to load a county map is to choose 'Counties' in the 'Select Map by Name' box. Click the State name to load the list of counties. In this example, 'Arkansas' is being selected.

Full sized image: JPG PNG
The county-list for the state of Arkansas has been loaded into a new select box. Chose the county you want, such as 'Madison' in this example, and click the 'Go' button.

Full sized image: JPG PNG
The correct map has been loaded, and the centre of Madison county, AR, is marked with a new Map-Pin. Note how the county name and position are shown in the Message Box, on the upper toolbar; details that are now available for many tools, calculations, and comparisons.

Full sized image: JPG PNG
The 'County' background itself has no text on it, so can be used to illustrate county-areas without cluttering up the map for other data. Here, the Cities have been added in the foreground.

Full sized image: JPG PNG
Here, we are looking at the county background with added Interstates, US Routes, and Major Cities.

Full sized image: JPG PNG
Alternatively, county names and borders can be overlaid on other backgrounds. Here we see them on a satellite photo of the area. The small Locator Map has been turned on as well to show the map coverage.

Full sized image: JPG PNG
In this view, the county names and borders are viewed over the 'State' background, and clearly show which counties belong to which states.

Full sized image: JPG PNG
The addition of APRS data shows up-to-the-minute postions of mobile operators with APRS equipment in their vehicles. Here we see the recent tracks of KG6PEN; his current position indicated with the callsign-label. Many Rovers use APRS; you can see their actual positions as you talk to them.

Full sized image: JPG PNG
This image shows the 'Table Viewer' displaying the county-table for California. A variety of information is provided for each county. The table can be sorted in different ways simply by clicking on a column title. Search facilities are also provided.
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