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a Contest-Log Visualisation Tool
from EI8IC
View Cabrillo Log Offline
As the LogView page is generated dynamically, it won't save as a normal web-page does.
However it is still quite easy to use offline if you follow these instructions.
You only have to do this once...
  1. Decide which screen resolution you prefer: 800x600, 1024x768, or 1280x1024
  2. Click on one of the above links to download the Zip-File (Version: v4.1 - 27th January 2011) - you can save the file anywhere on your computer; your 'My Documents' folder would be ideal.
  3. Start the WinZip program, click on 'Open', and browse to the downloaded file.
  4. Click 'OK' to select a file, then click 'Extract'.
  5. Leave the 'Extract to' box set to the present file location.
  6. Select the 'All Files' and 'Use folder names' options. (The folder-names option is absolutely required for the program to work.)
  7. Click 'Extract', and WinZip does the rest for you.

OK - you now have all the files that a LogView page needs. Go to the Display Cabrillo Log page and upload your log as before. When the log is returned, and you are seeing a page beginning 'Log Status (Server processing time:...', click on File > Save As. A message may appear 'This web page may not save correctly. Would you like to save it anyway?' - just click Yes. Choose the LogView folder you've been working on as the 'Save in' folder, leave the filename as it is, and choose the 'Save as type:' as 'Web Page, HTML only'. Click Save, and that's it.

To view the log offline, just use My Computer or Windows Explorer to browse to the log, and click on it.