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from EI8IC
Latest Log View News

June 2011 - New callsigns have been added to the database. There are now 71,001 unique Canadian callsigns, and 1,060,215 US callsigns: that's a grand total of 1,131,216 individual callsigns. If you were wondering why that number exceeds the current counts, that's because I keep all the old expired callsigns in the database, so if you worked them in your log, they will show on the maps.

January 2011 - Quite a few updates done this time, even though I am currently travelling on an Overland truck through Africa! It gives me something to do whilst we pass the days waiting to collect our next visa.

The results of 24 new contests have been added: mainly from 2009 and 2010, but I am also pleased to have been able to fill in some gaps from 2001, as the NAQP have at last released their CW and SSB results for that year.

Some bugs have been corrected:

  1. I noticed that all results for callsigns with a slashed-zero number ('') had been omitted from all CQWW and NAQP contests as displayed on LogView, so that has been corrected.
  2. If you upload logs that use the slashed-zero number these will now be converted to a standard zero ('0') before display.
  3. In CQWW I had omitted callsigns that added a slash-number to their call (i.e. K5ZD/1). These have now been included, without the slash-number.

I have added a Beginners page for all newbies to LogView. It will hold your hand as you upload and view your logs, point out some LogView features that you may have missed, and suggest new ways to get more from your LogView experience.

May 2010 - The number of Log View users continues to grow, and the database now shows over 700 radio amateurs signed up to process their logs using the free Log View service.

May 2010 - The online databases of US and Canadian amateurs have been recently updated with the latest entries from the FCC and the Canadian licensing authorities. The total entries for hams past and present are US: 1,028,199 and Canada: 69,165.

April 2010 - The Contest Results section has been updated with a number of new contest results from 2007, 2008, and 2009: 23 additional contests in all, taking the total of contest results to 148. Plot the results of these contests against your own contest log, or use the dedicated Results-Viewer to create a map of the published contest results for any one of these contests, and at the same time compare them to the results of other contests in the database.