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This page introduces the reader to EI8IC's Ham Links.
Introducing EI8IC's Link Pages...

Nearly all Ham websites have pages that contain links to other Ham websites.

Some Ham websites have very little content at all apart from their links.

These are often laid out in such a way that the visitor has little or no idea of what he is going to be visiting when he clicks on these links.

I have tried to change that on this site, by adding a short description next to each link that tells the surfer a little of what he might expect if he were to go there.

I hope others will adopt this practice - it only takes a little more work to prepare, and results in a much more productive surfing session.

Link Content...

As this website is aimed at the HF Contester, I have carefully selected only those links that will be of use in that field.

The general sections are:

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