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� This page lists the main features available for the Global Overlay Mapper.
Latest Feature List v3.0 - Updated for 2015:

  • 1 World Map, with specialised satellite images and world region-boundaries.
  • 8 Continental Maps - Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Oceania, Arctic, Antarctica.
  • 29 Sub Continental Maps, with Single Click Navigation for easy loading.
  • Each map has a background, 12 active layers, and custom Scalebar.
  • Country Outlines, CQ, ITU & Time Zones, Color Relief Map, Grid Locator & Lat/Lon meshes, 100s of Region Names.
  • 2204 Major Cities - Europe:323, Asia:517, Africa:513, North America:314, South & Central America:359, Oceania:178.
  • The latest Prefix, IOTA, and Flag Information.
  • Real-Time Mouse Tracking, with continuous Positional and Grid-Locator information.
  • Easy-to-use Feature-Locate system - Jump to a position on a map from a full list of Prefixes, Capital Cities, Country Names, Admin Areas, IOTA Groups, and over 2500 Major Cities.
  • Go straight to any Latitude/Longitude position, or load a map from a 4 or 6 digit Grid Locator.
  • Perform online callbook lookups and plot the callsign on a map.
  • Plot an ADIF log, a list of positions, or grid-locators on a map.
  • Geocode an ADIF or Cabrillo log and plot it on a map.
  • See real-time NCDXF Beacon transmission schedules.
  • Customised to your location, for instant Beam Headings and Distance Display.
  • Comprehensive multi-page Help System and Information Guide.

In the next few pages, you can explore a page of Screen-Shots, and download the GOM Help & Information Guide as supplied with the package. You can then Download the fully working package, and Register it if you wish to.


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