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This page lists the downloads available free of charge to visitors.
Welcome to the Download Page, where you will find some useful Contester Resources available for download.

NAOMI DownloadsPlease visit the dedicated NAOMI download page in the NAOMI section Here
GOM DownloadsPlease visit the dedicated GOM download page in the GOM section Here
NAOMI Updates 15Aug05
Data 14Kb
Are you a registered user of NAOMI - the North American Overlay Mapper, BEFORE it was converted to a Windows program? Here are the latest updates. Please contact me with your NAOMI serial-number for installation instructions.
Log Search
Script 20Kb
This is a Perl script for setting up a simple Log Search engine on your own site. Its not the one I use on this site - that uses a PHP/MySQL database - but this one has suited a number of people. There's little to set up and its easy to configure, but you will need CGI access on your own server.
4 Great Circle
Maps 161Kb
All the 4 Great Circle Maps, in a zip file.
5 Ham Radio
Maps 203Kb
CQ Zones, ITU Zones, ITU Regions, Grid Locator, and Continent Maps, in a zip file.
5 Contest
Bandplans 98Kb
All the 5 Preferred Contest Segment Bandplans, courtesy of VK4EMM, in a zip file.
34 Prefix
Maps 1.7Mb
All the 34 New Amateur Radio Callsign Prefix Maps, extracted from the Global Overlay Mapper for easy access, in a zip file.

All these items are free for private use, but cannot be sold, traded, or used commercially. All graphics have secret bit-pattern watermarking, for future identification in case of fraud.
I spend a lot of time creating maps and other resources for the Ham-community, all of it unpaid. If you enjoy using my maps, and would like to make a donation towards this site, please click the button below. Your donation is most welcome, and will go towards my site costs, and hardware/software upgrades.
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