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Chinese Prefix List
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This page contains a list of Chinese Prefixes.

There seems to be a lot of confusion with Chinese prefixes, probably caused by similarity in spelling, and transliteration. I have therefore brought together this concise list, approved by the CRSA and the Jiangsu DX Club.

BY SuffixProvinceCQ ZoneITU Zone
1AA-1XZZBei Jing2444
2AA-2HZZHei Long Jiang2433
2IA-2PZZJi Lin2433/43
2QA-2XZZLiao Ning2444
3AA-3FZZTian Jin2444
3GA-3LZZNei Mongol2333/43/44
3MA-3RZZHe Bei2444
3SA-3XZZShan Xi2444
4AA-4HZZShang Hai2444
4IA-4PZZShan Dong2444
4QA-4XZZJiang Su2444
5AA-5HZZZhe Jiang2444
5IA-5PZZJiang Xi2444
5QA-5XZZFu Jian2444
6AA-6HZZAn Hui2444
6IA-6PZZHe Nan2444
6QA-6XAAHu Bei2443/44
7AA-7HZZHu Nan2443/44
7IA-7PZZGuang Dong2444
7QA-7XZZGuang Xi2443/44
7YA-7YZZHaiNan (AS-129)2444
8AA-8FZZSi Chuan2443
8GA-8LZZChong Qing2443
8MA-8RZZGui Zhou2443
8SA-8XZZYun Nan2443
9AA-9FZZShaan Xi2343/44
9GA-9LZZGan Su2343
9MA-9RZZNing Xia2343
9SA-9XZZQing Hai2342/43
0AA-0FZZXin Jiang2342/43
0GA-0LZZXi Zang (Tibet)2342/43

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