International Certificate of Vaccination

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International Certificate of Vaccination

When you go abroad, you will need various vaccinations to stay healthy. A travel clinic or a knowledgeable doctor will advise which ones. Some are just recommended, but others are compulsory. You might be denied entry to a country if you don't have the requisite jabs, or worse still, they might insist that you have them there and then, with reusable needles of questionable cleanliness! As you can imagine, its better to have the right injections in advance. To prove that you have had them, the details of each one need to be entered into a recognised 'International Certificate of Vaccination' booklet. Each entry should have the date of vaccination, the name of the vaccination, dose, and signature of the physician who gave it to you. A surgery stamp is also a good idea, and looks official. All of this information has to be entered into the correct type of booklet - some notes on a sheet of paper are not sufficient.

You can buy one of these booklets from the Trailfinders Travel Clinic for 8 pounds. Alternatively, you can go to the World Health Organisation page where there is a link to this PDF download: Unfortunately, this document is composed of 16 separate pages. What you are trying to end up with is a 16 page booklet, printed on both sides and stapled in the middle, but the WHO page is practically impossible to print in this way.

I decided that the only way to print this was to do a capture of all the page images, and assemble them into a format suitable for multi-page dual sided printing. I ended up with 4 images, which you can download below. Image 1 has pages 16, 1, 14, and 3 on it. Print that out first, then put the page back in your printer and print Image 2 on the back of it, which has pages 2, 15, 4, and 13. Next, print out Image 3, which has pages 12, 5, 10, and 7 on it. Then put the page back in your printer and print Image 4 on the back of it, which has pages 6, 11, 8, and 9.

All you need to do now is trim the edges, cut in half horizontally, then fold and staple together. Better than spending 8 pounds!

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

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